Awwe…not EWWWW. at least not on my world. Alexis and Riley have been playing in the hallway because my apartment is like a prison…we get crucified for any lil move or kids trying to have fun…anyhow they found this poor lil deceased mouse that no doubt got in the building when a door was open. Riley found it and taking after me, making me so proud, and I didn’t tell them to do this but the girls hygienically got it into a plastic bag and buried it outside. Right where I buried deceased rats, yes rats that drowned in the main office front water thingie. See none of this grosses me out. Lil creatures. anyhow made me proud that all these years of doing things like this Alexis is just like me. And her friend Riley was on the same page. Warmed my heart. They didn’t touch it and washed and sanitized their hands just in case. Stacey Higgins. In case Riley tells u about this. Lol