So, most kids pick a new Halloween costume daily. In the past, my kid has not done this. He was dead set on being a “teacher” for Halloween for 2 months. I was able to lure him away from that , that year( I couldn’t
figure out how to put together a teacher costume) This year he wants to be a tv. A tv. I’m like dude you don’t want to walk around with a box on your body. I can guarantee you’re going to complain the whole time.
And every day I ask. A tv.
Dude you’re going to regret this.
Here’s hoping he changes his mind again.
I think Eme has settled on butterfly. All she really wants to run around with flapping butter fly wings ( a cape) so it doesn’t matter. Owlette seemed to go away.
And on the week of Halloween they will see something they want and demand to change their mind.